Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry I have not posted much life has been a tad bit crazy. Besides no air conditioning life here has been good and today we move into Haven of Hope in Lipova. I will miss Dan and Maria and all the kids. They are awesome people. I promised I would write them and keep pictures of them in my room. They kids are so sweet but remind me of home sometimes. Now instead of three kids there will be ten. Ten kids that will all want to brush my hair so I look like a lion. Ten kids all with emotional baggage. Ten kids that will want to play poi Kristina, (Romanian hide and seek), Ten kids that are extremely loud and energetic. Ten kids that ramble in a different language that I only understand a little bit of. Ten kids that I love. But anyway. Yesterday the ploa (rain) was ridiculous. It was cold and it rained then it stopped and got unbearably hot then it rained again and within two minutes of the start of rain it was hailing!! And here I was thinking weather in Mobile is crazy. We went to Laz yesterday, A city with about 50 old people living there ( there are more pigs and water buffalo than people!!) They are making a summer camp here and so we were helping out. We got really dirty and nasty. It was pretty awesome. If only learn one thing here it will be that it doesnt matter how bad you smell God and these people always love you. Over here you are constantly working and normally there are animals around. It is bad when you cant tell if its you or the animal that smells bad. While I love it here in Romania I also miss home greatly! Its only ten days til I come home and I cant wait to see everyone. It is going to be a bitter sweet departure in ten days. Sweet because I will see mom dad sisters richie dana and the girls but bitter because behind me I will leave precious relationships with the missionary family (Dan,Maria,Ashley,Jaqeline,annabelle), workers at the orphanage(Dana, Nutzie, moses, john) the children in Sebis (Niko,darius, phillip, liana, diana) and the children in Lipova. I found out last night that two of the little boys that come to our childrens outreach have gotten a little crush on me which i Think is hilarious. Richie you have nothing to worry about Niko is 9 and Darius is 10. It is so funny because of the way they act around me. lol Even bryan has a little girlfriend, liana. And this could actually work out since she is 13. lol Its funny how the kids are over here. Phillip told me that he didnt like me only because I was double his age! lol These kids are so cute. I have to run its time to do school with J. Ill write later on... If i have time

I love you all!!,

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