Monday, June 14, 2010

Sorry I have not posted much life has been a tad bit crazy. Besides no air conditioning life here has been good and today we move into Haven of Hope in Lipova. I will miss Dan and Maria and all the kids. They are awesome people. I promised I would write them and keep pictures of them in my room. They kids are so sweet but remind me of home sometimes. Now instead of three kids there will be ten. Ten kids that will all want to brush my hair so I look like a lion. Ten kids all with emotional baggage. Ten kids that will want to play poi Kristina, (Romanian hide and seek), Ten kids that are extremely loud and energetic. Ten kids that ramble in a different language that I only understand a little bit of. Ten kids that I love. But anyway. Yesterday the ploa (rain) was ridiculous. It was cold and it rained then it stopped and got unbearably hot then it rained again and within two minutes of the start of rain it was hailing!! And here I was thinking weather in Mobile is crazy. We went to Laz yesterday, A city with about 50 old people living there ( there are more pigs and water buffalo than people!!) They are making a summer camp here and so we were helping out. We got really dirty and nasty. It was pretty awesome. If only learn one thing here it will be that it doesnt matter how bad you smell God and these people always love you. Over here you are constantly working and normally there are animals around. It is bad when you cant tell if its you or the animal that smells bad. While I love it here in Romania I also miss home greatly! Its only ten days til I come home and I cant wait to see everyone. It is going to be a bitter sweet departure in ten days. Sweet because I will see mom dad sisters richie dana and the girls but bitter because behind me I will leave precious relationships with the missionary family (Dan,Maria,Ashley,Jaqeline,annabelle), workers at the orphanage(Dana, Nutzie, moses, john) the children in Sebis (Niko,darius, phillip, liana, diana) and the children in Lipova. I found out last night that two of the little boys that come to our childrens outreach have gotten a little crush on me which i Think is hilarious. Richie you have nothing to worry about Niko is 9 and Darius is 10. It is so funny because of the way they act around me. lol Even bryan has a little girlfriend, liana. And this could actually work out since she is 13. lol Its funny how the kids are over here. Phillip told me that he didnt like me only because I was double his age! lol These kids are so cute. I have to run its time to do school with J. Ill write later on... If i have time

I love you all!!,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today I am filled with a new and unusual feeling. This feeling is stronger than I have ever felt before. When John Piper says that he feels hatred towards the prosperity gospel(go to you tube if you dont know what im talking about) I always thought I understood how he felt. Yes I didnt agree with it or like it but now I KNOW that I HATE it.I know that hate is a strong word and I mean every syllable and strong meaning of it. Today an American man preached at the little poor church in Lipova that is full of aching people. He told them that if they were christians that God would heal ALL of their disease. not just some not just most. ALL. He told a man in a wheelchair with one leg cataracts and cancer that God had promised that He would heal his cataracts and cancer and that he would even grow his leg back! I was so full of hate toward this gospel, toward this man that I cried. There is no way to express the emotion i feel. This dumb American told these people that recently a orphan had been healed. LIE. I know. I talked to the boy. The boy still has to get two shots in his knees every day! This is the crap that is coming out of AMERICA. We are selling a bill of goods to the poorest of the poor. Believe this and your cows wont die; your wife wont have miscarriages. You will have rings on your fingers and coats on your back. This is coming out of america. The people that should be giving their gifts and their time not trying to selling this thing that they try to call the gospel!!! THIS IS NOT THE GOSPEL! Hate is a strong feeling that I have never experienced before. I am feeling sick because of all the fear. Fear for the little girl who was told that in three days she will be completely healed of her blindness. If she isnt healed she could feel like she does not love the Lord, that she is not good enough, that God is a liar, that He is not real. This phony teaching could sway people from the only thing that cann save them!!! Please pray for the people of Lipova and this Dumb American who has possibly hurt the name of my precious Lord.

Thanks and te iubesc

Friday, June 4, 2010

So today was the best day I have had since I have been at the hurrelbrink house. we went to visit a family of four that live in a house no bigger than my bedroom (if that). They had no bathroom and no kitchen they had a bedroom and that was all. four people two beds. no bathroom. I have tons of pics. I also met a young man whos mother just died and a elderly poor couple who was adorable. I loved the woman I wanted to pick her up and squeeze her. I honestly could probably send her as checked baggage on the way home. The husband and her said the had never seen a camera before and so I let him hold mine. I tried to get him to take a picture but he was afriad. It is the simple things in life that bring me the most pleasure. Like seeing the gypsy families faces light up when they saw we brought food and clothes, or when the old woman asked me if I was married then I said no and she said I was beautiful and she had a nephew. She said she would gladly give her nephew if i would come she her more. To see her face light up when we told her we would bring her things that told her about Jesus was beautiful. I have completely fallen in love with this woman and her husband, who live in a house not much bigger than my living room. well i have to go I love you all. Its time to eat
te iubesc

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello to all back in the States. Here are some more journal entries...


It is about 10:15 am and I am the only one here that is awake... Bryan has still not caught up with the time change. The parents Dorica and Adi are at work and Lorena and David (who Bryan keeps accidentally calling Deven because he is almost exactly like him) are at school. The family has cats... lots of them and these cats have lots of fleas and I have lots of flea bites, which I am allergic to lol. One cat likes to sleep with me and follow me around. Dumb cat. Yesterday it rained alot which means we sat inside and played cards all day. The family is nice but I am excited for today, we will be going to live with a missionary family. THEY ALL SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH AND ROMANIAN. I am so ready for a change. We may be able to help teach Englaza (English) and finally we will have something to do. The food here is really interesting. Either I hate it or I love it. Their desserts are the best I have ever had though. I miss my family and friends dearly and I cannot believe I am already getting a little bit homesick.

June 1... not sure if this was Tues. or Wed. cause I am not sure what today is... they all blur together

Today I went to live with the missiionaries. It does not seem Romanian at all. It is much nicer than I ever though I would be living after seeing the last house I was staying in. The family is really nice and so is the English. This is a luxury in so many ways. They have a dishwasher! They are so rich. I now laugh that after 5 days I am already considering someone with a dishwasher and shower curtains rich. Dan (the dad) has given us so much information about Romania and tomorrow I get to hang out with poor old people. I must be dreaming. I have a dishwasher, Shower curtains, English and I get poverty stricken old people to talk with!I cant wait til tomorrow. Family and friends who are reading this, I am in love. You might as well go ahead and selling most of my stuff and rent my room out to people. I will need none of this where I am going. Now you may be thinking yeah she is in love with Hristos (Christ) and going to heaven and this is completely true and exciting but his is not what I am talking about. In 5 short days I have fallen in love with Romania. I will not need many posseions because I do not desire to be the rich missionary in the poor country. There is a huge need here for CHRIST and I could easily live here in a heart beat. I could get used to the food and the cold winters and having no AC/heating. In fact I may even grow to love these things. I always wanted to travel the world and I still do but I feel like I could stay in Romania forever.

I love and miss everyone. I will be home soon. eat some American food for me and pray for us on this incredible journey. I cant wait to go live with my dear friends at Haven for Hope in Lipova. Ready to leave Sabic but there is a reason we are here and not in Lipova and I pray that God will open my eyes to it. I cant wait to see all of yall in 21 days!

Te iubesc,
Kristina ( noone over here calls me Kristin due to the fact that in Romania all girls have an a at the end of their first name)

Monday, May 31, 2010

I will not be able to get on everynight as I had planned so I have been keeping a journal and will write down everything there.

May 30, Sunday

So Romania is nothing like \i expected it to be. Instead of 70 children there are around ten and instead of no langauage barrier there is virtually no English. Donica, the mother of the family I am staying with speaks very little English, as in seven words of English. Today is the 3rd day of our month long trip and Romania is amazing. It is one of the poorest places I have ever been but it is also one of the most beautiful too. The people and the language and the town are so gorgeous. it is a sort of dilapidated beauty but it is beuatiful none the less. One of my favorite Romaninan words so far is intelleg? Paired with Nu it means I do not understand. This has many meanings to me. The first and most obvious being I have no cue what you are saying because I am a stupid American and the second being I donot understand how these children were orphaned. They are such wonderful children, full of life and energy and joy. The fact that they are orphans surely means that their parents died for no one in any kind of mind frame would ever give up a child as wonderful as these are. Children that are beautiful on the inside and out. Their names are Lau (which is short for a long name I can not pronounce), Allin, Darius, Salina, Iliana, Flourica, Flourin, David, Maria, Razvy, and another I cannot remember at the moment. Being here in this poor town has made me cry more than once. To see people that are so poor but so happy is simply amazing. Today we went to a hospital to sing to the patients. I have found that no praises to God are as beautiful as those sung in the languages of other nations. English must be the ugliest language. but anyways the hospital was rather small. Maybe about ten rooms. I wish I would have taken pictures because even my words will not tell you the full awfulness of these conditions. The sight of this hospital would have made someone with a stone heart cry. A room the size of a hospital room in America for 1 person was a room for 8 men or women in Lipova. A room the size of a small walkin closet fit two patients. No air and no supplies was a huge problem. The family I have been staying with the past few days are too friendly just like the rest of Lipova. We play cards every night and eat mostly amazing food. Tuesday I go to help tech English in schools.

I miss everyone back home and send love

Friday, May 28, 2010

We are HERE!! finally. after all the crazy planning and stressing we have offically made it to Timisoara. The airplane ride was a drag and I am running on one hour of sleep for what is going on 31 hours. The town that we are in is extremely adorable. Everyone is so nice and it has that comfortable aire to it. You feel like you have lived there forever even though you are simply a visitor. The orphanage is completely adorable too. I met quite a few of the children today and will get to start work tomorrow. Bryan and myself are not actually living in the orphanage for another couple of days until the other helpers move out. VERY little English is spoken here and my translator happens to be a preteen named David. lol David and his family(Who are all awesome and will be mentioned much more in my upcoming blogs) are the family that is allowing me and Bry to stay with them. I am teaching the mom English while she teaches me Romanian. Word of the day: Noche... or something like that it means anything they keep asking me what i like to eat and i simply reply noche. they have treated us so well so far. the town is a poor little town with cows and goats everywhere. noone drives cause everything is so close together. These people are amazing Shoutout to my translater and Audie. They rock. Pics to be uploaded on a later date time for me to catch some much needed zzzzs